Freezing Corleone was arrested in Paris and taken into custody [Vidéo] • RAPRNB

He’s supposed to be present tonight at Skyrock for Planet Rap Dedicated to Ashe 22, Freeze Corleone was arrested Thursday afternoon in Paris with drugs. The rapper was arrested in the aftermath.

A few hours before the launch of the new Ashe 22 project, Freeze Corleone had an intention to accompany his friend to participate in the show. Planet Rap Which I devoted to him Thursday evening. Unfortunately for him, the Lilac-born rapper has suffered a slight setback since he was simply arrested during the afternoon by the police. He was examined while he was driving, the police quickly noticed the presence of narcotic substances and thus arrested the rapper. In a video posted at the end of the afternoon, we see him handcuffed, surrounded by many clients and under the gaze of some passers-by, some of whom apparently managed to recognize him.

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