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BEIJING – Health Aid Leaves China For India has been folded by Covid-19. But even the common fight against the coronavirus has been halted Desire for extreme nationalistic revenge Legal Affairs Committee of the Communist Party of China.

Which he posted on his Weibo profile (Mandarin Twitter) Two photos side by side: The Chinese missile engines glow He left last week on a space mission and in flames Indian funerary cremations That devour the corpses of Corona virus victims.

The post text: “How you lit a fire in China and how it lit up in India.”

Shameful juxtaposition, at noon on Saturday and It was soon removed from the web (It is not known if this was due to censorship or a rethinking of the Communist Legal Committee.)

Many Chinese have had time to see and condemn the reckless act of plunder.

Besides, the day before Xi Jinping He had sent a telegram of condolences to New Delhi. And in the past two weeks, more than 60 Chinese planes have brought medical supplies to India: they have taken off 20,000 oxygen generators and 5,000 intensive care ventilators in Indian hospitals Collapse in the face of the horrific wave of Coronavirus.

Nice gesture of solidarity from Beijing, which has also fought two border wars with New Delhi. Last summer, the vanguards of the two countries fought a fierce and bloody battle over the peaks of the Himalayas. However, the position was marred by “The Beau”.

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The Global Times, Which is an English-language newspaper of the Communist Party of Beijing. The director wrote about “irrational popular sentiments” at this time that do not reflect government action. He called on China to continue “to express its support and understanding to India, which has been affected by the humanitarian disaster.” “China and India are geographical neighbors and will remain so even after that,” notes director Hu Shijin, whose editorial concludes by urging the Chinese to “convince other peoples of their virtues.” However, the comrade argues, “People have a right to express different feelings towards India.” After giving a logical opening to the press, he sent a message on Twitter: “Many Chinese regret that emergency medical aid, such as oxygen generators and ventilators that have been sent to India, is not used to rescue the poor, but rather the rich. India.” This post has not been deleted. .

May 3, 2021 (change to May 3, 2021 | 13:26)

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