A 6-year-old girl steals her schoolmate’s lunch box worth 50 euros, her mother’s revenge is cruel

a Mother He would do anything for her Girlbut it’s all just: until restored container Subordinate lunch stolenThrowing her schoolmate’s food that she stole from her. Because if children are so cruel, mothers can be even crueler. And it is revenge It was done and Jennifer retrieved her €50 container that her mother had given her to bring the snack to school.

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Container theft

Jennifer started the school year with an expensive lunch box. It was actually a gift from her mother who was speechless when she saw that the little girl had returned home without her.

The person who stole it from him was Audrey, a schoolmate who thought she could take it just because she liked it. The class discussion ended quickly as the teacher, to calm things down, asked Jennifer to leave it to her as she was less fortunate.

This may have been the case, but it was still an act of arrogance that Jennifer’s mother could not accept.

Mother’s revenge

The woman decided to take matters into her own hands and headed to school the next day to retrieve what was hers.

«I politely asked Audrey to return my daughter’s lunch box, but she started crying»The mother explained that she was informed of the incident electronically, according to what was written on the page daily Mail.

«The teacher asked me if it was okay for Audrey to keep it all day since his food was already there, but I disagreed and told her they had five minutes to find something else to put his food in or I was going to throw it away. Instead of finding her a closed container, they started arguing with me, so I got up, took the trash, and threw the food in the trash.», the woman concluded by asking other parents for their opinion in an online forum.

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Regarding the economic circumstances of the little girl, the woman explained that Audrey could buy a container worth 50 euros, as children with high family incomes study in the school.

«I took my daughter’s lunch because she is a bully and the school does not discipline her»He replied.

Users were divided on the issue, admitting that it wasn’t generally wrong, especially since these types of schools often provide free lunches to their children. And again, there are those who admitted that they would have done the same thing. However, others explained that they would not allow themselves to take food from other children, and that if they could afford it they could buy other food for their daughter.

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