Competition for AMD?  New Intel processors should offer a clear advantage to PC gamers

Due to its completely new architecture, the new Alder Lake processors should offer interesting advantages over the competition, especially for gamers – Intel announced in an interview. But in order to really get everything from new chips, game developers are also in demand.

Gamble and watch Netflix at the same time – and without any loss of performance?

Intel is breaking new ground with its Alder Lake processors. Instead of the usual design, the upcoming chips will be based on a big LITTLE design. This means that both high-performance computing cores as well as energy-saving and less powerful cores are integrated into the CPU.

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According to Intel, this should provide an interesting feature, especially for gamers – At least if you have some processes running in the background during your gaming session. Here’s what Intel employee Ran Berenson suggested in an interview:

“The best example we have in the lab is playing games in parallel with the other workloads you’re running. It can be streaming, it can be web browsing. This is a great example of a game that runs on the performance core and side activities that run on the efficiency core. And you can run The game performs the same even if you run other tasks in parallel.”

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So if you want to play some YouTube videos or Netflix series in the background while searching for daily tasks in Genshin Impact, It should not be able to identify any performance losses with new Intel processors. The only problem: So far, this decrease in the performance of modern systems is limited in such scenarios. How big is the real difference in the end?

And what else happened important in the world of games and technology? We summarize everything briefly for you in the GIGA titles:

New processor architecture: Intel relies on the help of game developers

In addition to this somewhat indirect advantage for gamers, Berenson also sees additional potential to improve performance. But for this to work Developers will have to optimize their games to fit the new CPU architecture:

“If a game is optimized to use many threads – and not old games today – it could be very useful for a game to run physics on one core and voice prompts on the other. So there is plenty of room for tweaking for games that really know how to use all the threads.”

It remains to be seen if the game developers will take this development into account in the future. Intel’s new Alder Lake processors are currently supposed to launch in the winter of 2021 – and AMD’s new Ryzen 6000 chips are also scheduled to appear this year.

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