Alton Reds will provide financial insolvency for business bankruptcy

Mexico City /

Gazebo Reds, A public-private telecommunications company can provide financial data in the coming days that will allow it to enter into business bankruptcy; After the court asked for further explanations to proceed with the process.

In an interview Millennium, George Bravo, Chairman Mexican Association for the Right to Information (Amity), explained it Gazebo Reds You can still present the financial and economic results to enter the competition; It does not affect the functions you perform until now.

Seventh District Judge of Civil Affairs in Mexico City, Maria Concepcion Martin Arkumosa, Asked Alton Redes for clarifications on the business bankruptcy claim, to determine whether this restructuring process is permissible.

Under file 163/2021, Judge Alton declared a restraining order against the Reds; However, the additional information needed to address the business demand is not detailed.

”Alton Reds can disclose your data, your investments, your customers; Why should the authority decide whether to accept you if you are in a very difficult situation. The authority does not blindly accept the request. You need to make the information transparent, ”Bravo pointed out.

He recalled that the company could not pay its debtors (Nokia, Hawaii, to name a few) and thus it went bankrupt; While; The economic status of the company allows it to maintain its operations with more than 100 customers and 3,000 users.

“Business bankruptcy will not stop this action, it will be catastrophic. The deadline he has to pay has expired, but he has no money to pay and he has to negotiate again,” the head of Amity said.

On July 13, the company responsible for deploying Red Cambodia, It was asked to initiate a business bankruptcy process to restructure its financial obligations and guarantee the security of its telecommunications services.

“This action is taking place in the face of the global situation and, like other global companies, sets the necessary steps to improve the financial position of the company,” the company argued.

Millennium Alton Redes’ position was sought, however, and the company did not comment on the matter.

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