“We are big winners.”  Timmermans is happy, too

Final opinion poll results: Green Party and Labor in the lead

Final opinion polls in the Netherlands confirm that the Labor-Green Party coalition led by Frans Timmermans has advanced over the far right led by Geert Wilders in the European elections. In line with what was indicated by the first opinion polls released immediately after the close of the polls, the pro-European coalition will lead with eight seats, compared to seven seats for the Freedom Party. However, for the anti-Islam and Eurosceptic leader, this is a clear victory compared to the only seat he gained in the previous European elections and which he then lost after his only MEP moved to another party. Voter turnout, according to estimates issued by Ipsos, was 47%, compared to 42% five years ago. The match remains open and the result will only be understood on Sunday evening, with the real data from the ballot of all 27 members. According to final exit polls, the Labour-Greens list will lose one seat overall compared to the current nine, slowing the expected sovereign wave on the eve of the vote.

Behind the main rivals, outgoing Prime Minister Mark Rutte's right-wing liberals, led by Dylan Jeselgoz, are four seats behind (they lose one seat compared to the five held in the last legislative session). Instead, the Christian Democrats will win three seats (-1) as the left-liberals D66 (+1). The Farmers' Movement (BBB) ​​will enter the European Chamber for the first time, and will get two seats, as will Wilders' other government allies, the centrists of Peter Umtsigt, who will get only one seat. However, the Forum for Democracy (FvD) party led by populist leader Thierry Baudet is out of the running: if it initially gets one seat, according to new opinion polls, the party will suffer a resounding disaster, losing all four of its current seats in Strasbourg.

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Timmermans is happy, too

There are no words except two hearts, one red and one green, and an image of front-runner Bas Eeckhout shaking hands in honor of the Labor-Green alliance. With this social choice Frans Timmermans He rejoices over

Wilders: “We are the big winners”

“The Freedom Party (PVV) is the biggest winner.” like Geert Wilders He commented on the opinion polls regarding the European elections in the Netherlands, which give his party seven seats. « From 1 to 7 seats in the exit poll! It's really exciting because we can still become the greatest when the final results are announced on Sunday! Thank you PVV voters!”

First exit polls

Labour-Greens coalition led by Frans Timmermans In front of you on the far right Geert Wilders At the European Championships in the Netherlands. According to the first opinion polls, the pro-European coalition will obtain 8 seats, compared to 7 seats for the Freedom Party. Therefore, the first opinion polls seem to contradict the trend of previous opinion polls. For Wilders, who won zero seats in 2019, it is, in any case, a clear victory compared to what he had five years ago.


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