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weather forecast.  Highs of 40°C in Europe
weather forecast. Highs of 40°C in Europe

The African hurricane swept through Central Europe and part of Western Europe, bringing with it extremely hot currents towards the northern latitudes, causing the mercury column to rise towards values ​​much higher than the averages for that period, as happened on Monday. In France, some stations recorded peaks of 37 degrees Celsius in the southwestern regions. It’s also very hot in Spain, But above all in the southern regions, where the sun prevails. reached peaks 40 degrees Celsius already in Fuengirola, On the Costa del Sol.

Although the temperatures were a few degrees lower, the unseasonal heat was felt as far away as Germany A peak of 31°C on Monday in Württemberg. Severe heat to the north, with peaks 30 degrees Celsius in England at London’s main airport, Heathrow, where the plume reached 30 degrees Celsius, and Gloucester on the opposite side.

Until today, Tuesday, daytime temperatures reach values ​​much higher than their normal rates in the same countries, and they are very similar to yesterday’s and yesterday’s degrees. And in some cases a little higher.

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