The third star of Alexandre Gautier in the Pas de Calais?  The return of the star to Florent Ladin in the North?  Our predictions ahead of the 2022 Michelin Guide list

The famous Red Mentor presents his list of awards on Tuesday, March 22nd at 4 p.m. In Nord and Pas de Calais, it is rumored that many chefs can be rewarded.

For the most advanced gourmets, this is the event not to be missed: the Michelin Guide Awards. This year, for the first time since its inception, a major celebration of provincial gastronomy is being organized. The appointment takes place at 4:30 pm in Cognac, where 100 chefs and 200 journalists are expected to be on the list of winners of the Michelin Guide, 2022 edition.

Several stars will be announced, and some chefs from Nord and Pas-de-Calais can be rewarded. It is rumored that Alexandre Gauthier could win a third star in La Greenwiler In the Pas de Calais, while Dairy products And the Auberge du Vert Montt In the north you can find their star.

“I heard the same entrance sounds as you.”, smiles Marie-Laure Fréchet, who remembers, however, that nothing leaks before the official announcement. Culinary writer and journalist, passionately defending the culinary territory of Hauts-de-France through a private presidency Mang Association, Lil!Our region has been underdeveloped since the ’90s, we lost a lot of stars back then. At one time this was justified because we did not have many talents like this, but today we do not deserve it.” While we wait for the announcement, here’s why we believe the lucky stars of these three restaurants.

It is a place that has become his stronghold. La Grenouillère, in Madeleine-sous-Montreuil proudly displays two felines.

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Alexandre Gauthier took on the torch of this family restaurant in 2003, which is now an institution. The kitchen there is radical, sustainable and innovative. According to rumors in the aisle, the chef might win a third star.

‘will be worthy’, replete with Marie-Laure Fréchet. explains itself. This third star actually rewards a full flight. A journey spanning two generations, because Alexander is on his father’s line. And then even before the kitchen, La Grenouillère is first and foremost a venue. It is a global experience played on the plate but also in the welcome, and that is what distinguishes, in my opinion, a 3 star restaurant.”

This award will also be synonymous with pride for Nord-Pas-de-Calais, as no restaurant has won three stars in the Michelin Guide for… 96 years.

After losing the star in early 2018, and the succession of several chefs at short notice and their passage through extremely turbulent waters, the famous Lambersart Table has reclaimed the aura of the past. Thanks to her new chef, young Breton is barely 30 years old. Edouard Chouteau grew up in the kitchens of his restaurateur parents, and has gained extensive experience in iconic establishments over the years.

He arrived in the North in 2020 to take the reins Dairy productsHe was awarded the ‘Great Talent of Tomorrow’ the following year by the prestigious Gault et Millau Guide. A bonus for his kitchen, halfway between classic and modern. On the menu, glazed squash risotto rivals hake in Flemish carbon. “Edward succeeded in remaking the dairy and brought back to her his true letters from the nobles,” Pascal Boulanger, the owner of the venue, announced at the end of 2021. Then the goal was offered, to regain the lost star within two years.

Will 2022 be synonymous with dedication? “This home has always radiated since Benoit Bernard with an elegant kitchen that is part of the ‘classic’ by highlighting the products of our regionexplains Marie-Laure Fréchet. And Edouard aligns himself with such a beautiful home that only needs one star to add to the award list again.” When called, the chef doesn’t say he’s too optimistic for this year. “We are necessarily all curious and waiting to see, but I admit I don’t have a good feeling”, Tell us. case to follow.

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Remember, it was January 2020. In a message posted on social networks, Florent Ladin announced that he had lost his star, which he had received 6 years ago in his restaurant in Flanders, Auberge du Vert Montt. “The Michelin Guide decided to withdraw our badge.”, then wrote. According to the leader of the North, it was revealed to the general public in 2013 through the show top chef On the M6, not sadness but disappointment for his team.

He noted that customer feedback was intense.”temptation and touch And that the Michelin guide was a customer like the others. “So one person disappointed us with their evaluation criteria and I’m sorry for that”, is done. But the old-fashioned 2022 could put the nobles’ letters back into this schedule that has become a must-have in Flanders.

Florent is the complete approach to man, Culinary journalist Marie-Laure Fréchet summarizes. I will remember his kitchen and also his commitment to getting the zone out. Prior to his arrival, Flanders had no gastronomical existence and was completely unknown to the general public. he is Today it is a real driving force for our entire region. ” The return of the star will therefore be a way to congratulate the work of this chef and his entire team, who are committed to an environmentally friendly and responsible approach.

Note that in 2021, nine restaurants in Nord and Pas-de-Calais received a star in the Michelin Guide:

Nature, in Armentières (59) / Haut Bonheur de la Table, in Cassel (59) / Le Cerisier, in Lille (59) / La Table, in Lille (59) / Rozo, in Lille (59) / Val d’Auge , at Bondues (59) / Le Marcq, at Marcq-en-Baroeul (59) / Le Pavillon, at Touquet-Paris-Plage (62) / La Liégeoise, at Wimereux (62)

They were two to hold two:

Le Meurin, at Busnes (62) and La Grenouillère, at La Madelaine-sous-Montreuil (62)


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