This is how he lived the first day after two years of absence

Scenarios full of color and joy, this is the atmosphere at Hermanos Rodríguez Autodrome with the Electric Daisy Carnival, better known as EDC, where thousands of people do not stop dancing to the beat of electronic music.

At about 2:00 in the afternoon, the big party started with a DJ like Texas night And the crosswhich began to liven up the atmosphere for hundreds of people who gradually entered the place.

Like a large amusement park, various mechanical toys were installed, among them the wheel of fortune, mechanical hammer and flying chairs, which filled many with fun while they waited to see their favorite DJ.

You can’t miss the colorful and unique costumes of one of the most awaited festivals of the year, which many attendees decided in an original way to use to fill the venue with colour. about the Nine scenarios You can see people dressed as unicorns, tyrannosaurs, some girls decided to wear headgear, others dressed up as fluorescent.

EDC Mexico 2022 returns to nature

KineticFIELD was the main theater that had a huge impact due to its large production, and in this edition it was decided to take up the theme of nature and harmony, for this reason the design was from Giant owl lights up to the beat of every DJ.

Each display was accompanied by fireworks and fires spewing out from different parts of the pavilion, causing the audience to explode with ecstasy.

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In the surroundings, you can find trees decorated with colorful lamps and giant flowers that light up at night.

The thing that caught the crowd’s attention was a big buddha and a statue of pastel pink and blue lit owlCausing long queues to take a photo at the venue.

The festival was equipped with sanitary measures, and antibacterial germicides were placed at various points in the venue, in addition to constantly requiring security personnel to use face masks.

(With information from El Universal)

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