Brazil, dog hugs vet's leg after rescue: 'I'm touched'

Thousands of animals have been rescued in flood-affected areas of Rio Grande do Sul. Among the many there is also a dog who thanked the one who took him to safety with a special hug. To witness that moment, there are images of a video in which you can see the dog, with a pleading look, clinging tightly to the vet's leg.

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“We had just arrived and were examining the logistics of distributing the donations,” he told local media Leandra dal Ursuleta. “An animal ended up bypassing another animal’s chain and we went to help it. When I saw it the dog was already hugging my leg.” , coordinator of the Small Animal Care Center (NAPA) in Chapeco.

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The scene moved the emotions of the veterinarian and those who were present. The vet, who is hoping for a happy ending, said: “I was so touched I asked someone to record that moment. He was a beloved animal, and was clearly looking for his owners. We know they miss him.” “They are still searching for her. There is a huge queue of people to get into the shelter looking for the animals, and this may be the only thing that will save their lives.”

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However, the story touched many people, and at least 200 people said they were willing to adopt him: “I have made an agreement with a volunteer to watch, and if the owners do not come, we will direct him to a new place.” family”.

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