Israeli Minister Katz speaks at the European Union Council and proposes deporting the Palestinians to an island off the coast of Gaza

If the European Union Foreign Affairs Council aimed for an initial rapprochement between Israel and Palestine, the Tel Aviv minister was able to boycott it. During the session before his European counterparts, to which he was invited with the head of diplomacy in Ramallah, the Israeli Foreign Minister, Israel Katz, dusted himself off. […]

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if European Union Foreign Affairs Council Aiming at the first convergence between Israel And PalestineMinister Tel Aviv He managed to interrupt her. During the session before his European counterparts, to which he was invited, accompanied by the head of diplomacy RamallahMinister of Foreign Affairs of Israel, Israel Katzdusted off his old obsession and proposed creating it Artificial island In front of the coast Gaza Where the port and other infrastructure should be built. He then added that the Palestinians of the Strip could also Go live.

By making such a proposal, Katz apparently did not understand that both the Palestinians and the unified international community have repeatedly rejected the idea of ​​establishing a Palestinian state. Mass deportation A resident of Gaza. Initially, the destination planned for them was Tel Aviv, which was also reported in the media EgyptBut so be it Cairo He is United State And European Unionin addition to all Islamic countriesThey opposed this, saying that no mass deportations would be allowed. to BrusselsBut the Israeli minister returns to the topic and does so by showing a video of the project, which was supposedly prepared in 2017, when this idea was born as Minister of Transport.

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It is a proposal that met with opposition from the ministers present, some of whom, as we understand, expressed this during the meeting, explaining how a different intervention was expected, focusing on the ongoing conflict and on efforts to move to an agreement. The next stage of the crisis.

But the Palestinian minister's intervention was of a completely different nature Riyad Al-Maliki Who focused his talk on the harsh living conditions in the Gaza Strip after more Three months of bombing Without interruption e 25 thousand deadWithout forgetting the deteriorating situation in occupied lands. He explained that “the situation is starting to get out of control.” The health care system is collapsing There is no way to treat tens of thousands of wounded Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, who cannot even leave the Strip to receive treatment abroad. That's why I came here, just to say to my European colleagues that this is the most important action to take cease-fire. We must collectively call for a ceasefire. We cannot accept anything less. We cannot hesitate about a ceasefire. Every day we show hesitation, innocent people are killed, children, women and the elderly are killed. “This is intolerable and unacceptable.”

The Minister then went on to ask European governments to take a clearer position on the work of the organization Netanyahu And his government was even imposed Penalties Towards the Prime Minister: “The truth really matters to the Palestinians – and he added – I expect the European Union to condemn Netanyahu’s statement rejecting the agreement.” The two-state solution. I expect the European Union will start considering sanctions on Netanyahu and others that destroy the chances of a solution to the crisis Peace in the Middle East. I believe that the collective responsibility of the European Union lies at this very moment, at a moment when it must emerge Leadership and courage In taking the right attitude really. Otherwise we wouldn't have been talking about it for a long time Double standards It will be clearly visible.” Although he admits that the change in the European position has already been noticed: “If you look at the position that the European Union took on October 7 and the position that it took today, I see Clear progress. Of course, there is still no call for a ceasefire.”

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