Windows 11: SSD performance issues will be fixed soon

After the upgrade

If you’ve upgraded to Windows 11 and have an NVMe SSD, you may have to accept the performance loss. Correction soon.


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Windows 11 still seems to have problems.
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As it turned out in the past few days, Microsoft has always been aware of the SSD issue and other errors with data carriers. Many computers were not affected – on the one hand, a certain function had to be activated and on the other hand it was necessary to exclude the optional patch at the end of November. So it looks like the optional patch went under KB5007262 Already provide help. A public release is planned for the next patch day on December 14th.

Microsoft describes the fix as follows: “Fixes an issue that affects the performance of all disks (NVMe, SSD, hard disk) on Windows 11 by taking unnecessary actions with each write. This issue only occurs when NTFS-USN- Journal Enabled. Please note that the USN journal is always activated on disk C:.”

Original post from December 8, 2021

Windows 11 version had teething problems after two months. Many users report on various internet forums like redditThe read and write speeds of NVMe SSDs can be significantly reduced after installing the new operating system.

It does not matter the brand or model – according to user reports, performance updates manifest themselves with different symptoms. For example, the reading and writing speed as well as the number of IOPS (instructions per second) can be reduced after installing Windows 11.

According to reports, this is actually a loss of up to 45 percent compared to analyzing a computer with Windows 10 as an installed operating system. There is speculation here as to why on the part of the official Microsoft driver for SSDs, since manufacturers drivers like those from Intel may not have registered any performance drop, as in the official one Microsoft Forum amount for it.

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According to a Microsoft employee, the company is aware of the SSD issue under Windows 11 and is already working on a solution. However, the time frame in which a possible update could eliminate the issues is not mentioned.

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