Genetic incompatibility -

Between now and the next few weeks, hopefuls to succeed Enrico Letta will take the field. From Stefano Bonaccini, to Paola De Micheli, to Elie Schlein, to Dario Nardella. Rising star Abubakar Soumhoro might also have been there, if he had not found a judicial investigation into the migrant cooperatives of which his wife and mother-in-law are allegedly members (the workers have not been paid for months). Different faces and stories of one project: keeping the Democratic Party together. An impossible goal indeed, because the different souls of that party are genetically incompatible. Unless the party turns into Barnum’s Circus, or rather, continues. In fact, it has been 16 years since the Democratic Party has not won a political election. In this period of time, he was in government (mostly) solely because of the maneuverability of his leadership team. So much tactics and so little strategy precisely because Satan and holy water coexist within it. In fact, the fusion between the heirs of DS-PCI and the post-Christian Democrat ethos remained half-finished: so much so that the last Prime Minister and former Secretary, Matteo Renzi, let the door slam shut, but in fact, precisely because of the genetic incompatibility I was talking about, It is as if it was expelled from a living being that experienced it as a foreign body. This condition has too often impeded, paralyzed, and slowed down the choices of the Democratic Party. Suffice it to recall that Letta came to support Mario Draghi in the Chigi Palace after he vigorously defended the government of Giuseppe Conte, while five years ago Bersani accepted the government with Cav only because Grillo rejected him. Genetic incompatibilities lead to confused and contradictory strategies. The result: Pd often corrupts itself. This is what is happening now in one form or another. His left looks at the grillini and begins to suffer their dominance. The reformist wing thinks of the third pole but cannot take any step. Can two such perspectives be combined? No, so much so that in the Lombard Democratic Party there are those who view Letizia Moratti as a candidate for the regional elections, while the party chooses Pierfrancesco Majorino. And even the most popular new exercise, the rediscovery of identity, risks turning into a parody, given that the party has two different identities that overlap and diverge in a lethal mechanism of political schizophrenia. “I see two parties,” admits Deputy Secretary of State Provenzano. Indeed, how can one imagine aligning the reformist spirit with those who, like Orlando, suffer a fascination with “critique of capitalism” or with Schlein relaunching the crusade against “the liberal mantra of unmediation”? It is better, and much better, to say it plainly, without embellishment, as when Goffredo Bettini reassesses the “spark” of the October Revolution and admits: “I feel more at home on the banks of the Neva than in the desert of Texas, because Russia is the West and Lenin It was Europe.” So, in hindsight, the only glue that can still keep the Democratic Party united is hypocrisy, a vice that becomes fatal in politics because it denies both their identity and deprives the party—as it has in the past ten years—of politics. After all, it is more logical, more virtuous, and rational to be allies in two different parties than enemies in the same party.

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