How to whiten a toilet seat with just two ingredients, so it looks like new again

The result obtained after cleaning the bathroom is not always satisfactory. Often, either due to the presence of limescale on the taps, or also due to the accessories that have turned yellow due to the passage of time, the appearance of our bathroom is really unpleasant and negates any cleaning effort. However, there are treatments that allow visible results. It is also possible to whiten the toilet seat using a natural cleaner.

How to remove yellow stains from a toilet seat –

Involving some sort of Battle against the toilet seat Which has horrible yellow spots is absolutely useless. Using strong detergents or using abrasive sponges can damage it further, bringing out that very annoying aspect that makes it look dirty and old. Hence, it is recommended to resort to natural remedies, which are often the most effective for cleaning the house.

The cleansing and disinfecting capabilities of two natural ingredients

You do not need to think that you have to arm yourself with someone who knows what energy is. Don't think that it takes someone who knows how much effort to get the desired result. Everything is entrusted to him Cleaning capabilities of some simple components The one everyone has at home: vinegar and baking soda. Each has a specific 'strength': the first is a highly effective descaler, the other a powerful disinfectant. In short, combined they guarantee the result.

Simply mix and apply for guaranteed results

All you have to do is mix them together in such a way that you get a paste that can be rubbed into one Soft sponge On the toilet seat. Vinegar and bicarbonate together are surprisingly effective, so much so that they can be used even on any stains inside the toilet, all without having to handle or inhale chemical products.

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Cleaning the toilet seat
There are natural ingredients capable of cleaning the toilet seat –

What is the exact composition of the cream to remove toilet seat stains?

Simply distribute the cream obtained from the union of the two ingredients evenly and let it act for at least 10 minutes. Then take a damp cloth and remove the remaining natural cleaner. To ensure success let's find out whatThe exact composition of this remedy. You need 50 ml of warm water and three tablespoons of sodium bicarbonate. After mixing this mixture well, you should place it on the toilet seat, then spray it generously with a spray bottle filled with white vinegar and leave it to act for a few minutes. Only then should you remove the cleaner, rinse it well and then dry it carefully. The result is guaranteed.


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