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In his columns for Le Figaro, the CEO of the Ehpad Group notably justifies the “noticeable imbalances” in Les Fossoyeurs with the “lack of healthcare professionals”.

EHPAD – Une inspection administrative commandée par le gouvernement a confirmé une partie des accusations du livre-enquête “Les Fossoyeurs” sur des “dysfonctionnements graves” au sein du groupe d’Ehpad privés Orpea: le gouvernement pub lier, qui port Justice.

in an interview in figaro Posted online on Saturday, March 26th, Orpea CEO Philippe Charrier “regrets” that the report “has not been published or made available to stakeholders” as it “allows us to conclude” that “there is no regulated system in Orpea that would lead to poor treatment”. In addition, Philippe Charrier “took note of the Minister’s decision to send the report to the Public Prosecutor”.

According to the Ministry in charge of Autonomy, the inspection report noted “a significant defect in the organization of the group at the expense of the welfare of the population.” However, for Orpea’s CEO, “identified dysfunctions” are associated “most often (with a lack of care and support professionals affecting the entire sector”).

However, he adds, he has taken to “the full extent of the legitimate feelings these imbalances arouse.” “On behalf of Orpea,” he “(j) offers his sincerest apologies to the residents and families.” He assures us: “We will get better.”

Charrier’s response to embezzled public grants

Brigitte Bourguignon’s cabinet told AFP that the inspection report, which had been expected for weeks, would not be made public because it was covered by “labor secrecy”. Contrary to the statements of Health Minister Olivier Veran, on March 11, who had intended to publish “all that, except for what is covered by confidentiality of work”.

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As for the public grants supposedly diverted from their purposes, which the state will be required to repay, they amount to “several million” euros, according to Brigitte Bourguignon. Philip Charrier answers in this interview with figaroclaiming that these surpluses “had no impact on the group’s profits.”

These amounts are “a result of the entry into force of the Community Aging Act in 1997,” which is intended to move toward a “tariff convergence” between public nursing homes and private nursing homes, which are non-granted compared to the public, according to the Orpea president.

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