Electric scooters continue to appear, with more than 2 million users in France

In 2020, sales of electric scooters surpassed sales of e-scooters for the second time.

A woman rides an electric scooter on the streets of Paris, March 2020 (AFP / FRANCK FIFE)

Electric scooters proliferate in the city. The market for these two-wheeled vehicles continued to grow at a slower rate in 2020, Pass the mark of 2 million users in France According to the profession data published on Tuesday, April 20th. Thus sales of electric scooters increased by 8% in value and 34% in volume terms in 2020, with 640 thousand units sold against 207 million euros in sales volume, according to the Young Professionals Association scale. Mobility (FP2M) and foresight agency Intelligent Mobility Lab.

If the growth rate slows down compared to 2019, since then we’ve achieved + 73% in value and + 104% in volume, ” The market is more than just maintaining itself “Smart Mobility Director, Jean Ambert, confirmed.” Despite the closure of many vendors, and despite the absence of government aid, we have noticed the consolidation of the phenomenon, “he continues.” C “is a means of transportation that has become democratic” as prices continue to fall, especially as these devices “allow people to continue to move while respecting the barrier signals” in these times of the epidemic.

Sales of its electric scooters For the second year it surpassed that of electric scooters Certainly the most expensive, with more than two million “trot”, he said. At the same time, the mini-mobility market was marked last year by a Decline in sales of mechanical scooters (-15% in volume) and electric skateboards (-23%), while Gyroscopes and gyroscopes had the wind in their sails (+ 30% and + 206%, respectively), with modest volumes but these machines are much more futuristic.

Urban mobility now dominates the personal travel vehicle (EDP, which includes scooters) market that has grown 1% in terms of volume and 7% in total value, with an estimated sales volume of 291 million euros. The collapse in sales due to the first booking in Spring 2020 was weathered by a “boom” afterward, as merchants largely switched to “click and collect” (withdraw ordered online purchases). This trend continues into 2021, with Jan Ambert reporting “supply tensions”, both in the logistics chain and in the supply of electronic components.

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