Present during a podcast dedicated to Nintendo, the IGN co-founder threw a bombshell at the release date of this future Nintendo song.

In recent years, Nintendo has been celebrating the marketing of new consoles with its launch game. No one has forgotten the huge successes We Sports And Rayman vs. Rapids For the Wii launch in 2006, the Japanese company did the same with the Switch. The hybrid console was released in 2017, and was able to count on a real debut: The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. Featuring new gameplay mechanics and high-definition visuals, the nineteenth game of the franchise (which continues to attract record-breaking fans) is designed to reward exploration.

When is Christmas 2022 in the future?

The game, critically acclaimed, has won multiple awards, and this summer surpassed the symbolic milestone of selling 25 million copies (over 24 million copies on the Switch and 1.69 million on the Wii U). make performance Breath of the wild The best-selling game in franchise history. Fans were delighted to announce a sequel at E3 2019. Nintendo has always been very silent about its future productions, so far it has been loyal to this stance, providing only a minor teaser during the last release of E3. To learn more about this highly anticipated sequel, turn to Per Schneider, co-founder of Media. IGN. present during a The last podcast Nintendo Voice ChatHe explained that he spoke with a number of Nintendo employees to see what the publisher had in store for 2022. The employees would have said they are very excited about next year’s releases and especially a game in particular: Breath of the Wild 2for the month of November 2022.

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Optimistic statements from Nintendo

However, IGN’s co-founder was vague on the rest of the podcast. He explains that the lack of a new trailer at the recent Game Awards culminated in a revival take two, does not mean that the game has been delayed, it is possible that November 2022 » Matches the release window for the new trailer. So the game won’t be released until later (likely in 2023). Released in 2017, the first artwork Breath of the wild It began its development in 2010, with its first technical demo in 2011. The game has been delayed several times, and has undergone nearly seven years of development. Given that Nintendo started working on it Breath of the Wild 2 The first opus has barely been released, the final release in 2023-2024 will make sense. Fans are reassured, and a Nintendo employee reportedly told Bear Schneider that ” November is when we play Breath of the Wild 2 ».


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