Biden's temptation, Beijing Chronicle Games District

the actor Matthew McConaugheya native of Uvalde, championed the cause of A close to the arms In the briefing room of the White House. McConaughey said he was in Washington to share the stories of Yuvaldi’s victims and their families, returning for a week after the massacre, hoping to persuade lawmakers to agree to new measures. “As we honor and honor the victims, we must realize that this time it seems like something is different,” he said, hoping that the right moment could become a reality. “It looks like real change can happen,” he added, referring to the ongoing negotiations between Democrats and Republicans.

The Oscar-winning actor, who also met briefly with US President Joe Biden, moved in a choking voice as he held pictures of some of the children killed in the massacre and talks about the clothes they were wearing on the day they were killed, what they dreamed of. when they grew up.

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