Liege on his knees, Verviers gets up under the water [FOTO e VIDEO]

Yesterday, heavy rain continued throughout the night and until this morning in most areas of the governorate Liege, at Belgium.
After Limburg, Theo, Spa and Beppenster were hit by bad weather yesterday, so was today Verviers To wake up soaked.
Heavy rains led to an important rise in the level of the rivers, which are now more than saturated.
Since Wednesday, Spa, Theo, Pepinster – where several houses have collapsed – and Limburg have been affected, and Verviers It was covered in water and mud. Pressure on Vesdre caused widespread flooding, from areas near the dam to the city centre.
Flood alert limits have been reached for several rivers: Eau d’Heure, Eau Blanche, Eau Noire, Lesse, Lhomme, Ourthe, Amblève, Vesdre and their tributaries. For example, and in particular, in Schudfontein in the province of Liège, the Visdrij River went from a flow rate of 6 m3/s to 286 m3 on Wednesday on Tuesday.

The first budget From the floods that destroy at these hours the province of Liege, eastern Belgium بل 2 dead: This was announced by County State Catherine Delcourt, who also spoke about Several missing. For several days, heavy rain has fallen on this area which is on high alert.
The Meuse River, which flows through Liege and Maastricht, is in danger of flooding.

This morning, Infrabel decided to close the railway network in the south of the country due to bad weather: this was announced by the Minister of Mobility, George Gilkenet. “Due to the exceptionally bad weather and despite all the efforts of its crew, Infrabel informed me of its decision to close the railway network in southern Belgium. In fact, it is impossible to ensure the safe circulation of trains for passengers or access to the most strategic areas for their teams‘, announced the minister.

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Wave bad weather wreaking havoc and damage in the heart of Europe, including in GermanyAnd the Holland e Switzerland, With FloodAnd the torrents e Strong wind.

Bad weather, dramatic floods in Belgium: Verviers wake up invaded by water and mud [VIDEO]


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