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this week Facebook social networking site Launch a security check, thanks to which you can check the security of your account Instagram. With the help of this new tool, you will be able to recover your account, in case you lose access due to hacks or similar situations.

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Among the recommendations that Facebook gives to its users is to activate Two-step verification. On this last point, the most noticeable thing is that the second authentication factor can be your account The WhatsApp, instead of an SMS message.

If your Instagram account is hacked, you a program It will help you get it back. All these functions will be available in the new section “security check‘, which was released this week in the app.

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A security check will guide you so that you can restore your account. To do this, you will need to review recent logins, your profile information, or update contact information on the account such as an email or phone number.

One of the most common recommendations is to activate two-step verification. In the coming months, the option to use a WhatsApp account to receive Instagram verification codes will be activated.

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It is currently possible to use an app like Google Authenticator or SMS for Instagram 2-step verification. According to Facebook, the alternative to adding WhatsApp as one of the alternatives will arrive in the coming weeks in some countries (which the company did not specify).

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Once this functionality is available, the mechanisms will be identical to what we have been using since SMS. When you log into Instagram on a new device, a code will be automatically sent to your WhatsApp. You must enter this code to use your account normally.

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