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VfL Bochum defeated Borussia Dortmund 4: 3 (2: 2) in a breathtaking derby. Game that compiles the season in miniature. Pocham shows why he is inside.

Recent Achievements VfL Bochum not good. 0: 3 against Freiburg, 0: 2 against Oxburg, two ruined appearances. A good season, in which the VfL Bochum will remain without another point of their own in the league, threatened to “slip a little negatively” as Reis said. It has now been done abruptly.

Because VfL won the most important game this year. As FC Schalke 04 did not play in the Bundesliga, the fight with Borussia Dortmund took the place of “Reviertorpi”. Having scored four goals in a game like this and turning the deficit too late and staying in the league has not gone unnoticed by VfL fans for the past few weeks.

Two shots from the game only once for example. About 75 minutes later, Dortmund fans sang “We are number one in the drink” 3: 2. After about 15 minutes, the VfL curve returned the same greeting with a score of 3: 4, complete satisfaction.

VfL Bochum players understand what a derby is

In the previous 90 minutes, the party showed that they understood exactly what this derby meant to their supporters. Manuel Riemann also confirmed this in an interview. “You know it, you feel it. It’s very special on the first leg.”

Borussia Mönchengladbach (1: 3 vs. 1. FC Köln) and Hertha BSC (1: 4 vs Union Berlin) had a problem with fans recently after a lackluster derby. Herta Bros. had to put their jerseys in front of the curve and were insulted by the Gladbatchers banner during an outdoor game in Freiburg.

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Pochum would have been far from such scenes even if he had lost. Because the team threw everything in balance and, as the saying goes, left their hearts on the pitch. Just like she did all season.

Nevertheless, the defeat at BVB would not have been a disgrace. The more games for Dortmund, the more chances there were, but in the end the VfL were rewarded for their courage and greed. Yet VfL Bochum have eleven wins and 39 points and remain consistent in the league. There are two more games. Before the season, no one would have thought this was possible.

That’s what the season is all about. With the exception of games against Greuther Fürth, VfL Bochum always started the game as outsiders on paper. In terms of its financial viability, the club lags behind most first division clubs and still exists. However, he was excited VfL Bochum German football with refreshing, bold and inspiring football – in almost every sport in Dortmund and before. What fans expect and want to see.


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