Futur Dacia Duster : son look déjà connu ?

On June 22, Dacia will unveil a redesigned version of Duster II. But in the brand offices we are already thinking about the third generation! And if it is not launched before 2023, we may have before our eyes its design, the error of the industrial patent registration images, which were published by the site. Autofacel.

If we must remain cautious, the thesis is credible because in recent times, several future models of the Renault range have been previously discovered in this way. This was the case for the new Kangoo, for example.

If the next duster is in front of you, you might think you’ve seen it before. However, the design is evolving more clearly than it is between the first and second generations. The joe déjà-vu is because the design is very close to the Bigster Concept revealed at the start of 2021. One might also think that these images are consistent with the concept. But the car here has details that look closer to the chain, and the dimensions look more compact.

Sure, the next duster would be more angular. And as in the Bigster concept, we’ll have fine optics up front, across the grid. This will include the new brand logo. In the back, the Y Lights will be, the new Dacia Light signature shape.

If Dacia is already actively preparing for the next duster, it should quickly circulate the new CMF-B rule, which Sandero has just adopted. It is a modern platform, but it is shared by many of the group’s models, including Clio. Therefore it is produced in very large quantities, which makes it possible to reduce costs … and keep costs low.

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