The car without the hood and shocks outperforms the police.  Amazed customers: 'We couldn't believe it'

agents police They couldn’t believe their eyes when ISentences He outmaneuvered them with the engine in plain sight because the front chassis was missing. The car was traveling on a small road from CatrickNorth Yorkshire village (England) of Roman descent.

The car, which was stopped immediately, was without a hood, bumper and side panels. “It is often said that our customers have eagle eyes, but locating a vehicle in these conditions does not require exceptional eyesight,” a police spokesperson said.

“wanted to ride”

“We were on routine patrol in Caterick yesterday when this car drove past us. Needless to say we immediately blocked him. The driver thought he was allowed to drive around the area with some parts of the car. Obviously not the case! The car was impounded due to lack of insurance and lift The driver sued for a series of infractions. Who knows what other surprises await us.”

Last update: Thursday, August 25, 2022, at 11:50 am

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