The Quirky FFP2 Mask with Headphones is announced by

What do you need to protect yourself from Corona? Headphones with Active Noise Cancellation and Designer Mask by – if Honeywell certified.

The manufacturer introduced Xupermask, a reusable mouth and nose mask.

Active fans

The basic idea is good. It is a reusable mask with two electronic fans that provide air supply. Fans contain HEPA filters that must be replaced every 30 days. HEPA-standard filters contain 99.95 percent of particles.

This makes it more effective than the FFP2 standard. According to this, at least 94 percent of the particles must be stopped. In theory, Xupermask could meet FFP3 standard during testing, requiring at least 99 percent of particles to be filtered out.

Prepare the battery pack

The built-in battery should provide 7 hours of runtime. If you work 8 hours a workday and have to wear a mask, you have to have a non-smart FFP2 mask ready to be on the safe side. Or a battery pack: Honeywell states that the mask can be charged while wearing it as a feature.

The integration of bluetooth headsets is special. When not in use, it attaches magnetically to the side of the mask. They do not contribute to protection or comfort. As with the Razer mask, there is LED lighting. However, it does not make the area around the mouth visible, it just brightens.

Presumably, the idea for Xupermask came from musician, as early as March 2020, when it entered Europe in lockdown. “In this new era of elegance and safety, Xupermask is an uncompromising face mask with high-tech performance for a modern lifestyle,” at Honeywell ad Quoted.

The mask costs $ 299 and it will From April 8 They are sold in black and white.

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