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America’s Cup

June 24 22:26

Paraguay had a great day against Chile, all the players put in a good performance and made a very good impression. But the negative note of the Perugia was the injury of Antonio Barreiro, who retired crying from the field of play and took his knee.

“The Devil” jumped onto the field in the 77th minute, replacing Miguel Almiron. True to his style, the Libertad player has been enthusiastic, determined and has won every air ball since his entry.

Unfortunately, Barreiro fell badly after a jump in the 94th minute and suffered a severe knee injury. He was left lying on the ground and had to lift him on a stretcher with tears in his eyes.

The official report of the medical part of the Paraguay national team is waiting and I hope it is just a scare for an entire country. The affection of red-haired fans on social networks was felt with messages of encouragement for “The Devil”.


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Paraguay coach, Eduardo Perizzo, analyzed in a press conference the great victory of Perugia over Chile, which means qualification for the quarter-finals of the Copa America.

Berizzo highlighted the tremendous teamwork and how Paraguay has made life impossible for a Chilean team accustomed to dominating in so many matches.

“We played a full match with a lot of pressure in the opposing stadium, we caused a lot of losses, we were very strong with the stopping balls, we opened the game and kept attacking. We dedicate the win to all the football players, together they are an arm and play 28 game. We were winners only because we played A perfect match in attack and defense,” began the Argentine coach who runs the Perugia.

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In terms of the team’s flawless tactical work, it mainly highlighted the work of the men outside, Espinola and Samudio on the right and Martinez with Arzamendia on the left, who prevented the red’s big stinging match with his sides.

“Chile is a competitor if you don’t get caught in defense, they punish you. The depth in their wings was something we wanted to counter, they blocked attacks. This work on the wings allowed the players in the middle to play comfortably,” he said.

When asked if it was his best match since he took office, he said there have been previous matches where Paraguay has come close to a better level, but didn’t look at the end due to a lack of definition.

“Our first match against Bolivia on the line was superior, and today’s opponent came from playing very good matches. With possession we found dominance and were fair winners,” he said.

Paraguay is already ranked and consulted if for this reason, their team will enter more relaxed and without pressure against Uruguay, at the last date of the first group, they said that is not the case and Alberuga will seek to win to strengthen their group. Game.

“We don’t speculate on any position in the table, we will go out to win as always. Win our game, we will assess our fatigue and in a couple of days we have to face a tough opponent, we will assess who is the best fit,” he said.

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America’s Cup

June 24 23:07

Newcastle United midfielder Miguel Almiron may have had his best game this Thursday since his debut in the Alberuga shirt. The assist, the goal and some kicks that hurt the Chile team the most. ‘Miggy’ has been selected as the ‘MVP’ for the game by the organization.

According to the data you provided sofascoreally againstParaguay’s No. 10 scored “8.2” in the 76th minute he spent on the field of play. He took the corner kick, which ended with a sacred shout from Brian Samudio, then took it upon himself to exchange the penalty kick with a goal to increase the difference.

Miguel Almiron vs Chile heat map. Photo: SofaScore.

Almiron made 40 touches, and succeeded in two of the three dribbles he tried, in addition to being very accurate in the two positions he sent him into the opponent’s area; Someone scored the opening goal in the 33rd minute.

It is noteworthy that Meiji scored his first official goal for Paraguay in 22 matches he played. The 27-year-old attacking midfielder scores 3 goals in 34 matches if you include 12 friendlies and sacred shouts against Jordan and Bulgaria respectively.



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