Superfoods, it’s all wrong: Nutrition experts explain why money is wasted.  You feel bad when you read
Superfoods –

superfoods? Maybe they always made you think something was wrong. This is the whole truth that no one tells.

In recent years we have heard a lot about it Superfoods. A term that can be read in newspapers, that is repeated on TV, and that is also ubiquitous on social networks. In particular, this term is associated with some Certain foods are able to provide the body with more nutrients than other foods.

But not many people know the term superfood It has no scientific derivation. Superfood is actually a word that was first used in 1949 by a newspaper publication In Canada where the nutritional properties of sweets such as brownies were demonstrated. In short, it’s just a publicity stunt, not something with a scientific basis.

There are not a few foods that over the years have been included in what looks like a list of superfoods, among them Avocados, coconut oil, almonds, some seaweed, and many more.

Some of them are used in production Dietary supplements to be taken for different purposes. effective? Probably yes, but only if it is introduced into an appropriate lifestyle, designed for the individual’s well-being.

Some of the newest superfoods

What are commonly called real superfoods Vip for the chilled counter And also on the shelves of every supermarket. Some of them are very expensive, but some experts even now tell us By buying them you are just wasting your money.

And speaking in particular aboutCoconut Oilwhich should be used in place of the classic olive oil, which among us is the real Italian superfood, Quinoa, and algae such as spirulina who turns everything color smurfs, Almond milk, chia seeds.

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Eggs –

The whites are the real VIPs

No, they are not on the list of superfoods, maybe they are too cheap or anyway Very unfashionable To be considered as such, but eggs for example Rich in Omega 3 fatsWhich helps the body fight free radicals.

It just does not contain Vitamin E Like coconut oil, but also A and DBoth are essential for the immune system. It also contains eggs More nutrients than any other superfood. But why do we never talk about eggs as a superfood? Marketing issue? We certainly can’t know this.


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