VfL Bochum: Schindzielorz gerät beim Fazit ins Schwärmen

What a celebration for VfL Bochum. We talked about it with Sebastian Schindzlor.

Of VfL Bochum Was able to get up. The final chord was a big scene, as it should be after a strong season. After 4: 3 in the derby BVB Nothing will happen to Pochum anymore. A great feast took place at Pochum. True to the motto: “Stay here.”

The day after the break, we spoke to Sebastian Schindler, director of sports at Pocham, about the 2022/23 season of Bundesliga football being offered on VfL.

Sebastian Schindzielorz, How do you rate a Saturday recovered a day later?

I don’t have that much time to reconsider that day. Some time ago we had already arranged several meetings that we would have throughout the day. But it will definitely happen in the coming days and then the thoughts will come to personal moments. Saturday’s play was very interesting.

Many do not think that VfL will continue to stand in the league. What is the secret of success?

It is often the case that climbers are referred to when it comes to possible landings. We didn’t let it annoy or confuse us. We have tried to find creative solutions on how to meet the key challenges. We thought a lot about what kind of game was needed to stay in the league, so we picked the players who came to us. We did it as a community, not everyone took themselves too seriously, and focused on this matter. There was a lot of discussion about the situation at the club and we had to adapt to new situations again and again. What set us apart was that we believed in ourselves and our strength, and we all came together. Now we are glad we were evicted early. There are still two games to play, so it’s important to focus on that. We enjoy this moment, but the game against Peelfeld is also important because the other teams are still struggling to stay afloat. It is our duty to approach meetings seriously and professionally.

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After the recovery, a new season is already planned. Do you have time to enjoy the moment?

The boom was a bang, and we topped again. Of course we want to enjoy it and stop time, but the football business is different. The next game is on the program again over the weekend, so we are challenged again. Plus, planning for the new season is in full swing, a story that never rests. We must always be busy, stay still, and get things started. We try to do both things at once. It’s a pleasant atmosphere, and it makes us proud. Because Awakening is a huge success for VfL.

Does the team that celebrated banging with the fans in the Bermuda Triangle fit in with the team at the bottom?

We do not have a detailed schedule before the game at BVB. It is not okay to arrange something in the background if you have not finished your tasks yet. We are a very arbitrary team. It was clear that if we succeeded, there would be no problem in getting things started. We wanted to be sure of the downline and the fans. Followers are always there for us, so we looked for ways to show intimacy. This is a wonderful story and we are glad to see that people are so happy. This is a piece that needs to be returned. The support was fantastic.

What is the personal highlight of the season?

Being on the road in Bundesliga is the highlight. So despite the ups and downs I can name the whole season. When you talk about heights, you know whether to win on home soil against Bayern or win the derby in the BVB because we were able to celebrate being knocked out there. In addition, Milos Pondovic’s fantastic goals or Gerid Holdman’s goal of the year, you will not see it often. In general, however, VfL Bochum’s performance as a Bundesliga club is an absolute highlight. We were an asset with all the values ​​we stood for. People appreciate what we did. GB / CB

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