Autogrill, you stop to inflate the tire and leave without a car |  They give you 30 thousand euros in half a second
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Traps, for those who drive a car – and the vehicle in general – are always around the corner: however, everywhere, anyone risks finding himself in trouble. From a thousand points of view: scams, deceptions, frauds and outright thefts. And not only.

Often certain “places” are considered breeding grounds for it scam Real: Among these, Truck stop. This does not mean that the service station itself has any fault or responsibility. In fact: they are ideal places to refresh, relax and rejuvenate.

However, a frightening symbolic case has recently emerged: yes Stop, Maybe for one wheel from amplify, And this is what happens. Goodbye car: goodbye 30 thousand euros and In one flash. this means?

This is what happened abroad, in the United States of America, where a thief stole one of the victims' BMW while this person was inflating his tires at the gas station. It happened in the blink of an eye.

The owner of the beautiful car was unable to do anything, nor even notice: until it was too late and the car began to move backwards, against his will.

Stealing a car while the tires are inflated: It takes a moment

The car was stolen in an instant What is with you It's there and it's just amplifying Tires. It happened roseland, USA, New Jersey and BMW disappeared into thin air. The unfortunate man went to the gas station to… Tire inflation And here he had to return to house.

Moreover, it happened before the watchful eyes of women Cameras to Video surveillance From the station Refueling Who recorded every movement. in the pictures We see the owner intending to inflate the tires and the thief approaching the car stealthily and quickly.

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The car is stolen while he is pumping the tires

With the owner one step away, the thief no Yes He has scruples He enters the passenger compartment. When you turn the gear on, it goes in the opposite direction and runs away: What is with you no succeeds, While trying, A Stop the thief.

The dynamics and photos do not confirm whether or not the car's door was open or other aspects that investigators will obviously examine. However, it is a warning For everyone, When you stop At service stations or other similar places. Always take precautions, lock your car and Keep your keys with you.


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