tomb raider square enix anniversaire

Epic Games has decided to hit hard by the end of the year by giving away the Tomb Raider trilogy to its users for free.

Two weeks ago, Epic Games introduced its calendar by offering one game per day to its store users. Two weeks later, the studio reveals the latest title presented and players may be surprised. Not one, not two, but three games are now available for free, until January 6. This is the Tomb Raider set of reboots.

So the first address is Tomb Raider Year Edition gameThe second is Shadow of the Tom Raider Definitive EditionAnd the third Rise of the Tomb Raider: Celebrating 20 Years. In these three games, it is clear that you are following the adventures of Lara Croft which has a completely rethought look compared to the first games. For all the fans of the franchise, the reboot is truly a classic of the genre as it honors the character of the adventurous heroine, as well as her story, origins, and fighting character.

The versions offered by Epic Games happen to be the ones with DLC, so you have many hours of gameplay before you get bored. However, it is only compatible with Windows devices, as for Macs, you will have to turn to other vendors. To get the Epic Games version, just go to the store, click “Play for Free” and download the title(s) you want.

Next game is coming in a week

The organizers of the Epic Games Store know that every Thursday the company offers a free game to its users. With the gift of the Tomb Raider trilogy, this habit is back at its normal pace and so the next free game will be available from January 6th. that it The gods will fall, an adventure game released in January 2021 in which you play “Humanity’s Last Hope”. You will need to free it from the grip of the sadistic gods who have ruled the earth for a very long time. In total, you will have to defeat 8 ruthless warriors to conquer the divine realms.

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