Marie-Sophie Lacaro explains her absence from TF1

Marie-Sophie Lacaro abandoned the antenna on January 3, 2022. While viewers felt her absence, the 46-year-old journalist wanted to speak on social networks on Saturday, February 26, 2022, to give News about his condition. Presenter 13 hours From TF1 Intends to return to the small screen!

‘My eyes are still fragile’

Marie-Sophie Lacaro breaks the silence. The person behind Jean-Pierre Bernaud in GTL 13 H From TF1took his account Twitter to discuss his health concerns. “I haven’t heard from you in a month,” It started before she thanked netizens for their charitable messages. “Yes, I wear sunglasses.To protect my still fragile eyes. I do not want to expand on my case, but rather answer everyone who asks me, and that you understand my absence that lasts, so know that I have a rare and severe eye infection that requires a long treatment.”And the I explained.

Marie-Sophie Lacaro, hoping to find viewers as soon as possible, made sure to address her banter in the meantime. “I am doing everything in my power to get back to him as soon as possible, and in the meantime I thank the TF1 team for their understanding and for all the reorganization involved in this for 13 hours”, She said before concluding: “Thank you Jack [Legros]who arrived for two weeks at the end of December and who, since then, guarantee a lot with a team 13 hours. And the I thankJulian [Arnaud] Who did the job perfectly this week. I can’t wait to see you again, and see you soon! “

Jacques Legros: ‘It could take six months’

A few hours before this press video was published TF1 Jacques Legros spoke in columns Parisianrevealing that he recently met his colleague. “We laughed. But with the light we got, Marie Sophie can’t go back if she isn’t completely cured.” It may take up to six months“.and drop: “I was told at first to keep myself on for three days, then a week, then another, the person who continues to be active as a producer and consultant in parallel. There, I am aiming for the end of March. See after.” Follow…

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