François Hollande and Julie Gayet with family: the former president with his granddaughter in Correz

Couple’s sports weekend! Friday 13 August 2021 Francois Holland He took his companion Julie Gayet under her wing to bring her to Toll Stadium, in his beloved Curies. And for good reason! A friendly match was organized between Brive and Stade Français, promising a lot of feelings for fans – you are not married yet Oval balloon fanatics. CA Brive defended himself aggressively and lost only a hair to his opponent with a final score of 10-12. Suffice it to say that the atmosphere was intoxicating in the stands…

Furthermore, François Hollande and Julie Gayet weren’t the only ones to make the journey within the clan. If we analyze the social networks of Emilie Brusolo, the wife of the son of the ex-president of the Republic, we see that she also attended a rugby match, in the same place, with her two-year-old daughter Jane, who participated in the rugby match. Take advantage of the break between halves to put in a large amount of french fries. She was also wearing the jersey of the team she came to support! “a base“,” her mother wrote on her Instagram account. One can imagine that the journalist’s husband, Thomas Holland, and their son Noe, born on January 21, 2021, were also nearby.

Sure enough, Korez won the heart of Julie Gayet. The director, born in Sorennes in Hauts-de-Seine, ended up following her companion to live a little further south, in Tulle. The couple leads a quiet everyday life during the holidays, in the countryside, in a three-storey villa. And each day will begin with a rather surprising tasting ritual, because Madame and Monsieur will methodically treat themselves to a breakfast based on shellfish and fresh shrimp. “It’s a place I introduced to Julie, not necessarily for the landscape, but for the people., recently explained by the politician in France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine. They convince you of the beauty of the place“And there is, fortunately, a stadium not far from there…

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