I'm a man, I protect you

Will Smith’s bloodshed at the 2022 Academy Awards is a terrible blow to modern feminism.

Will Smith… Zinedine Zidane? Remember, it’s not too far away: in 2006, during the World Cup final which was also scheduled to be his last game before retirement, the famous No. 10 player of the French team lost the match and Marco Materazzi threw a famous header, which he was supposed to hasten . Defeating his team, defeated on penalties by Italy, when they were orphaned by their master in play, he prematurely returned to the locker room after seeing himself holding a stockpile of red cards.

What could Materazzi have said to Zizou to break it up in such a way, at such a crucial moment? Even if the episode remains shrouded in mystery, because Zidane himself never trusted the subject, we know, if only through the testimony of the ruthless Italian defender, that he was called into question, that evening, about the sister of the former Juventus player in. Turin.

Angry that we touch his family, and in perhaps not very friendly terms, the latter therefore wanted to protect his “honour”. Ce que beaucoup avaient compris, quand encore davantage lui avaient sitôt pardonné, ne serait-ce que pour services rendus, notamment en 1998, lorsque deux autres coups de boule, bien plus sportifs ceux-là, avaientère offer mail uneto premiile à lot France.

Sunday evening, it’s another “honor” that Will Smith has wished to defend, in clearer terms, during the 94th Academy Awards. But in substance, at least in form, the cases are similar. And damaging the struggle for equality between men and women, which has been going in full swing, which is a very good thing, for several years and the beginning of the #MeToo movement.

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Not satisfied with a joke, admittedly in bad taste, made by Chris Rock in relation to his wife, but also due to an old quarrel between them … which already worried her, the American actor slapped the comedian purely and simply before ordering the following, a strong dose of Testosterone in his voice: “Leave my wife’s name out of your mouth! We remain amazed at such primacy: I am a man, I protect you. Back to prehistoric times.

By acting and speaking in this way, and with these words (“my wife‘), Will Smith, in the end, did not respect or transgress the presenter of the evening so much as he sent women away, beginning with the one who shared his life, at a time not so far away when they were considered only, including by law, as pleasant possessions, confined Her benefit is to allow these gentlemen to shine in society.), He also deprived her of the right to defend herself, like the beautiful, dignified and intelligent woman who is first and foremost.

Should we, however, deny Will Smith an Oscar? The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which is responsible for organizing the ceremony, appears to be already thinking about it, due to a code of conduct adopted in 2017 in the wake of the Weinstein case. Excessive, extreme, reckless? Not much. Of course, the former “Prince of Bel Air,” until proven otherwise, Harvey Weinstein. And undoubtedly driven by true passion, even if it was a scandalous but sincere love, he made a mistake on Sunday.

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His position at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles is imbued with him, as in the head of a former producer in the past … and many (many) supposedly contemporary, sometimes still unconscious men, inherited centuries ago by a hard-skinned patriarchy , and wants a woman, by nature, to be necessarily fragile, needing not an equal, but a “protector”. But this was before. It is time, more than time, to finally understand it. Whether your name is Will Smith, Chris Rock, Zinedine Zidane or Tartymbion.


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