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Damien Abbott, chairman of the LR committee in the National Assembly, reaffirmed his “reservation” of the primary organization.

“This is a serious, credible candidacy that will spark a debate of ideas on the right.”, Damien Abbott, chairman of the LR committee in the National Assembly, said in Francinepo on Thursday, August 26, after Eric Sioti was announced as the primary candidate for the right.

This nomination Welcome

Laurent Walkis has not yet clarified his intentions. “Everyone takes their responsibilities. I think he will speak on Sunday in Mont Messenk (Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes) and then.”, Said Damien Abbott. His potential candidacy “A personal and personal choice. He bravely wore the colors of our political family. He bravely withdrew during difficult times. The truth is he is one of the rivals.”

Damien Abbott supports Xavier Bertrand, but will not try to persuade him to take part in a primary. “He made it clear that his preference was to speak directly to the French. I have reservations about this process.”


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