Eurocopa 2020: Así van las llaves de Cuartos de Final al momento

The Euro 2020 He has already given us great feelings in group stage With heart day 3, but with entry Eighth final It is already facing the teams that stand out as the favorites to win the tournament, as well as the combined teams that usually appear as Surprises or “Cinderella” within the competition.

With the first stage of direct elimination, emotions “KO” round Where one team necessarily advances, the other stays on the road and says goodbye to the European adventure. Remember that in these encounters In the event of a tie, there is an extension of 30 minutes (15 minutes each time) and if necessary, a batch of Penalty kicks.

Giorgio Chiellini: This is how the rift arrived, the heart of Italy’s defense

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The first qualifiers were Denmark, who transcended with power Gareth Bale Wells By landslide and now it will be measured The Netherlands or the Czech Republic.

On the other hand, with a lot of suffering Choose Italy He managed to beat Austria who stood up to him and took him into overtime. Now the Azure awaits Belgium or Portugal.

This is how the Quarterly switches are working at the moment:

France or Switzerland – Croatia – Spain
2 July 2021
Krestovsky Stadium

Belgium or Portugal – Italy
2 July 2021
Allianz Arena

Netherlands or Czech Republic vs Denmark
July 3, 2021
Baku Olympic Stadium

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Sweden or Ukraine vs England or Germany
July 3, 2021
Rome Olympic Stadium

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