An earthquake in New Jersey with a magnitude of 4.7.  New York skyscrapers sway

New York, April 5, 2024 – Not only that Taiwan And Japan. As the land trembles on the other side of the ocean: a 4.7 magnitude earthquake It was recorded on the Richter scale New Jersey. This was announced by the American Geophysical Institute (USGS), and the epicenter of the earthquake was located about six kilometers from the Whitehouse station, at a depth of five.

It was an earthquake I clearly felt like I was in New YorkAs skyscrapers and buildings swayed for a few seconds. The effects were also felt at the United Nations headquarters United Nations headquarters In downtown Manhattan. The alarm rang on the cellphones of the diplomats present, and the Security Council meeting to discuss the situation in Gaza was halted for a few minutes before resuming.

A 4.7 magnitude earthquake hits New Jersey (Ansa/Usgs)

No damage was reported, but students in several schools were removed from classrooms for safety reasons. For safety, US aviation authorities did this Airports are temporarily closed From John Fitzgerald Kennedy from New York and Newark, New Jersey, just as the Holland Tunnel connecting Manhattan with New Jersey that passes under the Hudson River was closed. “New Yorkers can continue their day as usual,” Big Apple Mayor Eric Adams said after conducting the necessary tests. President Joe Biden was also informed of the quake, which was felt in Boston and Philadelphia as well.

Earthquakes in New York are rare but not impossible: Last January, a 1.7 magnitude earthquake was reported in Queens, while in 2011 a 5.8 magnitude earthquake centered in Virginia led to the evacuation of City Hall and office buildings in Manhattan. However, the risk is relatively low: according to a 2008 study, a magnitude 5 earthquake occurs on average once every century.

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