Next to him is a bag with shocking contents

Kay was found on Christmas Day 2014 at a train station in Scotland. His human being left him to his fate.

To make sure he didn't escape, he tied him up and locked him in the station. Moreover, there was a bag next to the dog.

A desertion that touched hearts

When members of the nearby Animal Protection Society arrived at the scene, the first thing they did was open the bag that was lying next to the four-legged friend. We had to check what was inside.

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In the luggage they found small things for Kai: several toys, food, a bowl of water, and a pillow. Only then did we realize that the unfortunate animal was not in good condition.

the Signs of physical abuse They were clear. Fortunately, the dog was equipped with a microchip, thanks to which it was possible to trace its name and other important information about the origin of the animal.

The story of a failed adoption

Abandoning an animal in Scotland is… Serious crime. That's why Kai's rescuers were looking for his owner so they could bring him to justice. Unfortunately, the owner whose name appears on Kay's registry is the dog's previous owner, who sold him in 2013.

While he was selling a dog on the site, a woman who had bought the dog wrote to him. Unfortunately, the four-legged friend's previous owner withheld information that Kai was sick. Ha The eyelids were very low On the eyes, which often occurs in Shar Pei dogs. When the new owner discovered that Kai was not exactly as shown in the pictures, she decided to simply go for it Give it up.

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Although she had already paid for the dog, the woman simply tied him up at the station and left him there.

A new beginning for an adorable dog

With help Human societyKai received the care he needed and underwent… Eyelid surgery.

As his story spread widely on social media, many people donated to help him and many others volunteered to give him a home.

A 52 year old man was given the opportunity to foster a dog Ian Russell, who received him with open arms. Now Kai lives a happy life! It's definitely worth it.


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