A small helicopter developed by NASA for the Perseverance mission has captured a stunning picture of debris associated with the US spacecraft’s arrival to Mars.

One can believe in a catastrophe. But the debris filmed by a small NASA Innovation helicopter on Mars is the result of a mission going as planned. Thus, the image taken by the machine flying on the red planet shows the protection that made it possible to reach without incident.

as pointed out The New York Times, the main piece resembles the wreckage of a flying saucer. But we should not believe in the existence of Martians. This is the capsule that brought down the remotely piloted craft a few minutes before the impact. No longer of interest to NASA, he crashed violently to Earth, which explains this sight of desolation.

A little further back, we can see the large parachute used by Perseverance, which landed on Mars in February 2021.

6 km cut

Proof that all went well: the creative ability to fly in the air to take pictures of the surroundings. The small helicopter is the first machine to fly in this way on the surface of Mars. The Americans used the feat very little, since it has a short life, even if it turned out to be more resistant than expected.

Currently, Ingenuity has completed 52 minutes of flight, over 6 kilometers in 26 flights. It was only planned to be used 5 times when designing the mission.

This isn’t the first time that US spacecraft have sent us stunning images of Mars. Last week, NASA revealed a video clip taken by the Persevering rover during an eclipse. Phobos, a natural satellite of Mars, passed in front of the sun in a stunning sight.

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