"Realmente no puedo notar la diferencia": El iPhone 13 no impresiona al cofundador de Apple, Steve Wozniak


31 October 2021 13:39 GMT

Some reviewers have consistently criticized the stagnant perception of new features and the lack of drastic changes from previous iPhones.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak admits he is not impressed with the latest iPhone and Apple Watch models.

I have a new iPhone. I can’t really tell the differenceWozniacki commented Interview With Yahoo Finance. “The ‘software’ in it applies to older iPhones, and I think that’s a good part of it,” he added.

The company’s latest smartphone, which was released last month, has been well received overall. However, some critics continue to criticize the notion of stagnation of new functions No drastic changes from previous iPhones.

“I worry about the width and size, but I haven’t read it,” Wozniak added. “I’m only interested in whether our products are good.”

The 71-year-old electronics engineer noted that he did not follow financial news or review the company’s earnings in relation to the earnings report released this week. “I am just happy to be a part of Apple. We are a company that manages to keep our nameWozniak noted that he was openly referring to the identity change announced by Facebook.

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