A man in the Iranian consulate in Paris threatens to blow himself up, and is arrested: he wanted to avenge his brother

Terrorism in Paris. Friday, April 19 A man He was Arrested In the Iranian Consulate in Parisafter He threatened to Blow yourself up to Revenge the brother. to intervene police He avoided the worst.

A man was arrested inside the Iranian consulate in Paris

Paris police intervened in the Iranian consulate located on Fresnel Street in the 16th residential district, after a man threatened to blow himself up inside.

They report it Police sources to Le Parisien.

According to television sources Receiving beneficiaries’ suggestions, comments and complaintsIt was the guy who came in around 11 Arrested.

“I want to avenge my brother”

The man allegedly declared that he had explosives in his possession and that he wanted to “In revenge for his brotherAccording to what I learned from security sources on television Receiving beneficiaries’ suggestions, comments and complaints.

Who is the man in the Iranian consulate: A witness saw him

About 11, depending on whathandlea Suspicious man A. could have seen it a witness Upon entering the consular headquarters in Tehran.

According to news coming from the province, the witness saw “a man entering the Iranian consulate With a grenade or vest filled with explosives“.

police chief, Laurent Nunez, He ordered the immediate deployment of special forces.

The governorate explained that the Iranian consulate “Request intervention“.

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The area is isolated and safe, and the metro is closed

The area was full Encircled And It cannot be accessed To everyone who does not belong to the security services.

closed There is, too subway Who serves the neighborhood.

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