Munich retracts in the BBL final: Alba repels Bayern's defeat with three

Munich drops into BBL final
Alba beats Bayern Munich with hat-trick

For the third time in a row, the German basketball champion Alba Berlin was named. The capital club got rid of the knockout in the third final match and quickly distinguished itself from others in the fourth meeting. Bayern Munich can expect a turbulent summer break after a season without a title.

Berlin Championships Celebrations in Munich: Alba Berlin won the third consecutive championship with a superior performance and took the German Basketball Championship for the eleventh time. Coach Yisrael Gonzalez’s team won the fourth final match with a score of 96:81 (52:36) over its well-deserved rival Bayern Munich and won the final match 3-1.

Galen Smith (23 points) and national player Johannes Thiemann (15), who was honored as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) at the finals, led the capital in front of just 5,469 spectators at the Audi Dome in hot and sweltering Munich. The third championship in a row – for the third time the albatross celebrated in Munich. In the eyes of Bayern Munich president Herbert Hainer, the guests benefited above all from their strong first half. The cup winner from Berlin achieved the perfect sixth double in the club’s history with the championship title. Bayern’s best player was Augustin Robet (15).

“We have to learn from the defeat and rediscover our identity in the Munich match,” Gonzalez demanded after a 60:90 slap at home on Friday and his side appeared to have recovered well from the sudden bankruptcy from the start. Led by the strong Smith, the guests led 11-0 after just three minutes. Bayern coach Andrea Trencheri took the first half at the start of the game – his weak team was playing better, but was consistently behind.

Bayern finished the season with four consecutive defeats at home

Berlin’s players have always remained the most alert and efficient side, with a tired Munich side suffering double their three-point share in their 84th game of the season. The lead grew steadily until the middle of the second quarter, as the tense Bavarian side’s argument that this was also Alba’s 81st game of the season faded away. In the first half, a small initial decision was made already at 52:36. When giants Krist Komadji’s 2.24 meters tall scored three goals in a row, Bayern looked devastated.

During the break, Hainer spoke of Bayern’s lack of support, and the hosts had to dispense with top performers such as Vladimir Losek and Corey Walden. Since October, Berlin had to lay off Marcus Ericsson, who until then had been the team’s top scorer. The Munich team, who suffered their fourth successive defeat in qualifying, tried everything again after the break, but could not come close to the troubled Berlin players. By the middle of the third quarter the lead had grown to 24 points (64:40).

Bayern reduced the difference again after their run in the last quarter (53:76), but the Berlin players never faltered. The last few minutes became a show for Alba, and the fans who traveled with them from the capital started the championship celebrations early. For the Munich team, on the other hand, the summer break begins, with the club having to ask itself some questions after a season without a title and clear bankruptcy in this final series. Because the claim is not much higher only due to the fact that Bayern Munich has the largest budget in Germany.

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