Video Omar Sai was summoned on Sunday night from 8:30 pm: This sartorial detail that made David Gutta laugh out loud

This Sunday, June 6, Laurent Delahas received Omar C to talk about the next season of the Lupine series. The host had the opportunity to invite David Gutta live and he did not fail to express many compliments to the actor.

Omar Sai is one of the most admired actors by the French. In addition to the already valuable film, the actor entertained his fans, The Lupine series aired on Netflix.I am proud to be the first French Netflix series Lupine to experience such international success “, He then greeted the actor of the film Untouchables. This is a way to enhance your international career. The show is set to air on Sunday, June 6, at 2 p.m. Sunday night at 8:30 p.m., Omar Psy is back for Season 2 of the Lupine series, which aired on the streaming platform from June 11th. Opportunity for the lead actor to reconsider his love for France, Teaming Paris and France, Euro 2020 will start soon. Laurent Delahouse’s show featured a French actor, Like another artist, this time DJ: David Gutta.

“I put this up for you!”

And we can say that the musician made a sensational entry in the show Sunday night at 8:30 p.m. Live from Las Vegas, the world’s best DJ, who recently released a new single Omar saw himself face to face with Xi. Immediately DJ noticed One detail that made him laugh so much: the costume of the French actor ! “Omar, I like your pants. You can only look classy by wearing a pink suit. This is extraordinary! “, Then David starts guttural, with a smile on his face and stars in his eyes. For his part, Omar Sai, apparently flattered and delighted, answers: “I only kept it for you!”. Very funny exchange between two Frenchmen who did not hesitate to compliment each other. Laurent Delahus was able to speak again somehow, While paying tribute to David Gutta for trying to be live from Las Vegas, he performed a concert at night, and with Jet Lake, he is in the early morning. Good artist!

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