Bruno Le Maire confirms that bills will not be compensated in 2023

Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Monday that the Electricity Tariff Shield would not lead to a “catch-up” on next year’s bills despite an additional funding need of around €2 billion to implement the measure.

An inevitable need for financing

The government has pledged to limit the increase in electricity bills to 4% this year, a measure that will cost more than expected. Bruno Le Maire admitted: “Additional financing will be needed in 2023,” because “electricity prices have risen somewhat.”

He continued: This need for funding “for 2 billion euros” “will be funded from the Finance Bill, which we will consider at the beginning of the next academic year, next October for the year 2023.” .

reassuring letter

“I want to be very clear with our citizens, there will be no compensation for their electricity bill. French consumers will not see any compensation associated with this financing need on their bill in 2023.

“Such a catch-up is very likely to lead to a spike in electricity prices as early as 2023 in the stratosphere,” worried in a press release for the Consumer Advocacy Association, which based its concerns on recent deliberations of the Commission Power Regulator (CRE).

In the context of rising inflation and the approaching legislative elections, this perspective has also taken a political turn.

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