New Features of WhatsApp

The WhatsApp It is still the most popular messaging app, as of July 2021 it has approx 2 billion users worldwideThat is why they are constantly reinventing themselves, implementing new tools and functions so that other services like cable where Signal Don’t take royalty.

In addition to the official announcements that the messaging app usually makes about changes, there is also a version beta Which users can access to directly test the functions it prepares The WhatsAppIt should be noted that beta versions are intended for testing purposes, so errors may appear in future tools.

So far, this is the known news about the app for 2022.

Whatsapp + Instagram

Energy Mark Zuckerberg On impending social networks, applications and Facebook social networking site (now known as Meta), belongs to the famous programmer and entrepreneur.

That is why, in 2022, you will be able to watch content Instagram in a The WhatsApp, the main importance will be given to files Instagram In order to compete with the Chinese social network Information and communication technology tak.

Stickers created from WhatsApp

In order to create stickers The WhatsApp It took the use of third-party apps, but the messaging service gave some good news to users who love stickers, and that means they can finally be created from within the same app. A tool has been developed that is currently only available in beta functionality, but will soon reach users iOs Yes Android.

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According to the leaks about this feature, there will be a button called “Create” and it will appear in the stickers section of The WhatsAppThis way, users can upload an image and quickly convert it into a poster. Although not all the tools are known, the label can be cut, edited and customized.

Hide selected contact information

With this tool, it will be possible to personally manage the confidentiality of an account The WhatsAppUsers will be able to choose which specific contacts can see their profile picture, status, account description, etc.

Like in stories Instagram, it will be a way to keep the account more private even if the contacts are in groups The WhatsApp and/or in the contact list.


currently The WhatsApp It gives two options: hide or make the last connection available to everyone; However, work is in progress so that this information can now be seen by everyone, by anyone, or only by specific contacts.

Reply to WhatsApp messages

So as not to lose the topic of conversations, The WhatsApp It allows to reply directly to the message, the reply is related to the original message and among users talking about different topics, this is a very useful function.

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Now join the trend, The WhatsApp They will implement feedback as they are currently working on it Facebook social networking site or in facebook messenger, Where you can reply to a message with emoji, at the moment there will be heart, thumbs up, thumbs down, angry or happy emoticons.

transcribe voice messages

users The WhatsApp It is divided into two parts: those who love voice memos and those who hate them, so after adding features like 1.5x or 2.0x speed up voice memos, Audios can now be converted to text.

This is a function currently in development, but what we know so far is that to convert this transcription of voice notes to text, The WhatsApp will use technology An apple.

voice memo

Delete a message without a time limit

Currently, if a wrong message is sent in a group or in a conversation, it can be deleted for all users or for itself, but after 68 minutes 16 seconds The message can no longer be deleted for everyone, only the user who sent it.

Now everything indicates that this delay will be deleted, that is, messages can be deleted for everyone even if hours, days or weeks have passed.



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