They will be in public on Friday for this last Marseille City Council before summer. After a full section on the restructuring of municipal services, the Legislature must record the procedure for the recovery of McDonald’s in Saint-Bartholomew in the Northern Districts. For a budget of 600,000 euros, excluding fees and taxes, as Mayor Benoit used in early June. “Finally, we are no longer going to live by the sword of a multinational company Tomogils.

This high point of the social struggle against the American burger company took on another dimension with the first imprisonment: former McDonald’s staff, volunteers and neighbors in the neighborhood asked the campus to arrange food aid. Since then, the solidarity platform has not stopped, and the project was born out of a “People SCI” to acquire the walls in a sustainable way and start a “fast social meal”.

Tour de Europe

But for Patty Bourova, the acquisition of McDonald’s City will not mark the end of the game, on the contrary. “The dynamic has slowed down a lot since this announcement, the big Marseille but the national and international momentum has also stopped quickly, with the idea that the matter is settled,” said Botti Boro. Starting and ending in October.Levels are also planned in French cities such as Grenoble.

In fact, the ,000 150,000 raised so far is not enough to complete the project, which initially includes 37 employees and the introduction of a fast-paced community meal, but also the development of the building site to continue. Mutual assistance. “If we put 25,000 people in 25 euros, we have a way to get the job done and get started,” says Pathi Bourova. “After all, we need a plan to be a true citizen project,” he adds, for the benefit of the new municipal majority.

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The mayor’s expected speech in the file m. Suffice it to say that it will be listened to attentively after. “Probably, he will announce a series of methods,” he expects Pathi Pourova, who, through a foundation that failed to get those seats, hopes Ms. After that they get a pledge to stay on a long-term lease.


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