A UN summit on Wednesday after the Hague resolution on Israel – News

The UN Security Council meets on Wednesday to review an International Court of Justice ruling calling on Israel to prevent “genocide” in Gaza.

to know more ANSA “Israel must avoid genocide” but The Hague does not stop weapons – News – Ansa.it The court does not call for a ceasefire. Appeal for Hostages (ANSA)

This was announced by the French presidency of the Council. The summit, which will be held at five o'clock in the evening, Italian time, comes at the request of Algeria “in order to activate the decision of the International Court regarding the temporary measures imposed on the Israeli occupation,” according to what the Algerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

Following the United States of America, Canada has also suspended its funding to UNRWA

Canada imitated the United States and announced that it would temporarily suspend payments to UNRWA, the UN agency that supports Palestinian refugees, following the scandal over the alleged participation of some of its employees in last year's Hamas 7 attack in Israel. We read about this in the Canadian and international media, including the CBC, citing Canadian International Development Minister Ahmed Hussen.
Hussein said the Ottawa government has ordered a “temporary pause” in providing “additional funds” to UNRWA, adding that Canada will not stop helping Palestinian civilians in Gaza.

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