Dario Fabri And the Enrico Mentana He ended up in .’s camera lens Happening every day. boss TgLa7 And the geopolitical expert is actually “humiliating” in an article on page 2 of the newspaper Marco Travalho Titled “Atlantic Marathon Runners Speak Like Their Pro-Persian Enemies.” “first cracks About the recovery of Kyiv, it probably will not end well, ”the summary reads. And again: “Putin, until about 19-19:30 on May 28, was half slapHe advanced very slowly with his torn army of children the complainers The Azov battalion was resisting heroically (or when it surrendered it heroically surrendered), and we were ready to enjoy the spectacle of the impending Russian withdrawal leading to the victory of Ukraine. ”

Except for Saturday night Around the time of dinner – And if you follow a file Mentana Marathon You know very well – Putin suddenly became strong, and the free West to lead Ukraine dreamed of his dream tattooed heroes It began to fade, ‘attacks the author of the article.’ But how, should we not return the occupied territories of 2014? “.

In short, infer everyday truth,”Now, slowly, after 4,000 civilians (but probably a lot more) have been killed and a global crisis, Our media reaches us too – for which the La7 marathon is well pioneered – and the propaganda “Win! And we’ll win! In one night”.

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