Famous touching twins Lisa and Lena.

Lisa (left) is engaged to celebrity twins Lisa and Lena. The photo was posted on the Instagram channel of the TikTok stars on January 24, 2022.

Lisa Mantler was engaged to famous, influential twins Lisa and Lena. TikTok stars announced this surprisingly on Instagram.

Big surprise for Lisa and Lena (both 19)! Little is known about the private lives of the world-famous twins, but now the Instagram and TikTok stars have offered a glimpse into their love lives – and what a glimpse: Lisa Mantler is engaged.

They are probably the most famous German TikTok star Instagram Over 17 million followers (as of early June 2022). However, there was almost no information about the love affairs of the influencers. So the June 6, 2022 revelation has alienated even the most loyal fans.

TikTok Twins: Lisa Surprises Sharing – Will You Forgive Lena Too?

“I said yes – Lisa” was a post on the twins’ shared Instagram channel as well as on their own accounts – along with a black and white photo of two hands posed together. Lisa’s hand with a shiny ring on her finger. But who owns the male hand?

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There is no face in the photo and there is no other information about who Lisa’s partner could be. Many followers did not even know that the 19-year-old has a boyfriend.

Many react accordingly with “Whaaaat?!” or “I’m confused.” Other users write: “I didn’t even know she was in an affair.” In addition to the amazement, congratulations and joy of the teenage idol who is now soon to be married. And Sister Lina?

Fans suspected that Lena was also taken, because she recently posted a photo of her on her Instagram account – holding the hand of an unknown person who was covered with a heart-shaped sticker. The post was deleted after a short time.

So far, Lena’s companion in the photo is completely unknown as Lisa’s fiancé. However, it makes sense that both of them are currently in a happy relationship – despite their huge popularity with constant public hustle and bustle. (love)


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