Since the star composed, Château des Milandes is always full


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He reconsolidated Josephine Baker on November 30 to the Château de Milland. The Resistance Sanctuary attracts many visitors.

Since authored by Josephine Baker, the crowd has filled Milland Castle on a daily basis. Tourists come to discover the residence of the resister. “Allows you to view the dresses she has worn and the photos she has taken”Explains the young visitor. Fashion, personal stuff… It’s a slice of history that comes back to life. “It’s so touching to be in the places where she lived with her children.”man says.

In November, the castle saw a 25% increase in tourists and welcomed up to 500 people per day. “There, we feel like people are really coming to meet Josephine Baker”, comments by Angélique de Saint-Exupéry, owner of the building. The result: the store doubled its sales, and at the top of the list was written about the life of the resistance.

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