According to DSDS: Katharina Eisenbluth in 'De Alm' is a drama queen?

Is Katharina Eisenblut now doing eye rolls again on Day Alm? The singer participated in this year’s DSDS season, but has repeatedly clashed with colleagues and juror Mighty Kelly (41). Now it looks like the drama will repeat itself, because he is also on ProSieben”Pain“On Thursday I fought in the first episode with ex-floor hunter Ioannis Amanatidis (31). Now she is attached to the reasons for it!

“Ioannis was known for his behavior on The Bachelorette, where the Bachelorette said his behavior was very manipulative,” the musician said in a conversation with the musician. Proflash He points to Melissa D’Amelia’s words. Katharina, on the other hand, is a “character of the heart”. “And when an emotional person meets someone who doesn’t have that empathy, it can be difficult.”She explained.

In “Die Alm” she was very afraid that “this thing will pay off”. DSDS repeats “.” Because I already have the experience and thought: “What if that happens again now?”recognize. That’s why I tried playing on the team—but after filming was finished, she now admits, looking back: “My friends were in a pain area mostly of animals!”

Instagram / katharina_eisenblut_dsds2021

Katharina Eisenbluth, DSDS Candidate 2021
Katharina, Ioannis and Mohi in the stable
Katharina Eisenbluth, DSDS Candidate

Instagram / katharina_eisenblut_dsds2021

Katharina Eisenbluth, DSDS Candidate
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