Sarah Engels at Disneyland: The singer has shared beautiful holiday photos with her fans.

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Sarah Engels is on vacation in Disneyland Paris with her loved ones. He shares the best moments with his fans, but also records a disgusting incident.

PARIS – The pre-Christmas season is no more a magical holiday destination than Disneyland. The whole park is like a winter miracle and the Christmas magic can be felt in every corner. Of course, pop star Sarah Engels can not miss such a scene. That’s why the singer of “Te Amo Mi Amor” is spending some romantic days with her husband Julian and son Alessio at Disney’s paradise in Paris – and enjoying some adventures in the process.

Sarah Engels shared holiday photos from Disneyland

Sarah Engels regularly brings her 1.7 million followers to Instagram with personal photos. Whatever the beautiful family photos or selfies on the carousel – the Disneyland excursion is well documented as well. As fans see in the winter records: The winner of “The Masked Singer” is having a very good time with his loved ones. After all, husband Julian seems to be completely with his organ and posed with a smile and Lilo & Stitch silk hat. Meanwhile, Alessio is already looking for gifts for his little sister. How beautiful.

Sarah Engels is on vacation at Disneyland – and disgusted: “Who knows?”

With all the Christmas magic, Sarah Engels shares a less pleasant incident. Because Julian is filming her – with Mickey Mouse ears glistening on her head – eating a burger. “What do you say?”, He asks of his heart girl’s culinary judgment, and he reluctantly prepares a clear answer: “Sue is disgusting”. “Then why are you eating?”, The cameraman asked Julian, “We’re going to have dinner in a minute.” Good food taster Sarah seems to be cleverly asking the question and continues with the disgusting bread. Well, Hunger seems to have won. “Can’t take me seriously”, Sarah writes with a laugh under the video in an Instagram story, “Who knows that?”. We all know that, Sarah. (Le)

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The photo taken with Ms. Ana also includes regular holiday photos of football legend Bastian Schweinsteiger causing a stir among fans.


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